Finding Your Flourish - Seth Guge
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Finding Your Flourish

“We flourish when we transform into what we are equipped to be.”—Seth Guge

Is your life roaring? Do you encounter the sea-like barrels of passion and smooth waters of contentment reflected in your life? Or, do you tend to hope that tomorrow might wash up something new and better? Are you trying to figure out when the wind will actually gust into your sail? Perhaps you wonder if you were even made to flourish?

According to a recent Harris Poll, only one in three Americans said they were happy and content with their lives. It’s hard to believe that so many could be so despondent. Where does the dispirited life begin, and where do we find the blossom of our flourishing lives?

There is something that calls to each one of us, prompting and begging us to navigate here and there. The challenge unfolds when we decide whether or not to listen and act on those cues. The prompts that beg us to move forward, lift the anchor, and start sailing. The stimulus that makes us furiously discontent, and allows our real selves to start maneuvering.

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”
—Frederick Buechner

Perhaps it’s not about making drastic life changes, quitting your job, or leaving behind your current life. But maybe it is about starting to listen to the jolts. Paying attention to the activity of whispers that don’t seem to stay quiet, and beginning to realize what makes you deeply glad. Once we begin to listen to that gladness, we reflect a transformed life of joy, and a significant power unravels. The influence of a flourishing life.


3 Ways For Finding Your Flourishing Life:

• Listen to the prompts for your real life’s call.

• Lose your anchored comfort zone, trek out to the deep.

• Find your deep gladness.

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